We are a collaborative research & innovation agency.

NOW stands for today’s complex consumer landscape;
PLUS ONE represents tomorrow’s lucrative possibilities for our clients’ business.

We believe in consumer seduction...

Successful brands are like everyone's dream partner: they are attractive, fun, reliable, and they make consumers feel good about themselves.

We go beyond shelves and points of purchase to help our clients seduce consumers into long-lasting relationships with their brand.

We rely on the power of people...

For each project, we put together an interdisciplinary team to analyze our clients’ goals, connect with their customers, and deliver bold ideas.

Now Plus One is led by our Creative Director Stephan Paschalides. Each bespoke project draws on his experience in research and strategy consulting, and is driven by his extreme passion for consumer culture.

We work with a team of researchers, strategists and marketing experts, but we also rely on creative professionals with unique points of view that make sense for each project.

We believe each client deserves a clean slate...

Each project is highly customized to meet each client’s specific needs.

We partner with our clients to develop each step of our process and we rely on open communication and collaboration along the way.

We don’t like marketing mumbo jumbo...

Our process is simple and straightforward:

We uncover relevant insights and apply creative intelligence to develop seductive, profitable, and future-proof ideas.

We convert insights into opportunities...

Our research process investigates the world of consumers beyond the expected. We distill insights from across demographics, markets, and disciplines into key trends that drive fresh innovation. Our projects have ranged from studying the modern state of masculinity to mapping the future of beauty to exploring multi-sensory consumer experiences.

We develop workshops that push buttons...

Our clients come to us to engage their teams with kick-ass concepts and push the boundaries of innovation to develop new brand solutions. Our three-day Innovation Summit is a highly customized and easily deconstructed process, designed to meet each unique client’s needs.

Take a look at each day
of the Innovation Summit...



We begin by understanding the brief, inside and out, and get to work on research.

We observe brands, consumers, and cultures through a global lens to develop trend analysis based on your specific business needs.

Our global trendspotters’ reports enhance our trend presentation with leading-edge consumer insights.

Trend Workshop

Our team of trend experts leads you through a day-long interactive workshop of our trend analysis, including global consumer and cultural manifestations, innovative brand solutions, and engaging marketing strategies from across categories.

Our ‘inspiration table’ allows you to try out and learn about innovative products from across the world.

Our hands-on demonstrations with creative experts—from industrial designers to mixologists to experiential marketing gurus—provide additional inspiration.


Upon request, we design a multimedia presentation of our trend analysis and the most relevant insights developed during the trend workshop.



We work with you to design a day-long ethnographic excursion in New York, or any other big city, to observe relevant trends in person, discover consumer insights up close, and broaden your team’s imagination.

Trend Trek

We guide your team to 8-10 innovative retail spaces and unique consumer environments; we showcase leading-edge products and services; we engage with industry experts and creative professionals; all while constantly identifying new marketplace ideas and instigating inspiration.

Even our dining destinations are designed to take you beyond the expected, held at experiential food spaces with culinary experts offering their take on your brand.

We can also program interactive ‘trend play’ into the day to promote team bonding.


Upon request, we design a multimedia presentation with the most relevant insights from the Trend Trek, as well as additional global examples.

We can also work with you to design a virtual Trend Trek to share with teams across locations.



We work with you to design a creative brainstorm session that translates the most relevant global insights into robust concepts that lead to long-term opportunities for your brand.


Our trend experts and facilitators guide your team through innovative brainstorm activities and “trend play.” We take the insights we’ve collected during the first two workshop days and position them within broader consumer trends that correspond to your business needs. We then explore each of these trends as the basis for brand development.

Our graphic designers offer “live” visual interpretations of the teams’ brainstorming to strengthen concepts and facilitating idea sharing.

For additional stimulation, we can involve interdisciplinary creatives to help your team translate the most promising ideas into living, breathing concepts on the spot.

Concept Development

Upon request, we help you select the best concepts from the Idea Lab and build them into brand opportunities with the help of our partner creative agencies.

  • Pepsiwe developed consumer engagement concepts around the core areas of arousal and rituals.
  • Pepsi Maxwe examined the current state of masculinity and male relationships.
  • Kellogg’s Morning Foodswe built platforms around nutritional energy food needs.
  • Special Kwe translated health & wellness insights into female-centric food offerings.
  • Betty Crockerwe focused on creating more effective brand communication with kids and moms.
  • Yogi Tea & Cerealwe developed platforms to broaden consumer usage beyond the morning hours.

We are on a constant lookout for consumer and market manifestations that we can translate into valuable insights for our clients. We're also always looking for the next innovative places for our Trend Trek stops in New York City and beyond.

We're happy to share some of our discoveries in this blog section of our site. Check in often for more updates.